Sackel Corporation SAC 525S UV-LED

High speed wide-format printing in a compact size


  • Maximum print speed of up to 334 sqft per hour
  • Maximum printing width of up to 5.25 feet
  • Prints on rigid substrates and roll media
  • Comes with ColorGate Software



Provide the quality your clients expect

  • Speed printing with photo quality
  • Incredible rendition of true colors

Open up new opportunities

  • Print with one machine on roll media and rigid substrate materials
  • Added benefit of printing on heat sensitive materials
  • Print on "thick" substrates and finished goods up to 7.9in (200mm)
  • Give your media a raised effect by printing multiple layers, up to .23in (6mm)
  • Capable of printing dimensional 3D images on any substrate

Perform orders faster

  • Prints up to 334 sqft per hour
  • UV-LED curing dries ink immediately, no need to wait
  • Warranty and after sale services available, remote 24-hour support from the SUN service team

Save your money

  • Wide format printer and inks from 1 manufacturer
  • Consumes 10 times less energy than mercury lamps
  • Longer diode lifetime and no VOC/HAP emissions
  • Low cost of ownership



Unique carriage raising system ensures direct printing on materials up to 7.9" (20cm) thick

Embossing effects up to .23" with multi-layer printing. By printing several layers of inks your images gain texture with a raised effect

Added benefits of using NanoGraphic Inks®:

  • Contains nano silver which kills harmful bacteria, mold and mildew. Approved by the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Welfare
  • Nano Graphic Inks® can print on ceramics and other rugged surfaces with realistic color photo quality


Print heads SANPKM 1024 (14 pl)
Variable Drop 14pl - 42pl
Number of print heads available 4 - 8
Color mode CMYK
Optional: Lc + Lm + W + W or Clear Coat/Varnish
Print head operating frequency 12,8 kHz
Max. printing width 5.25 feet (1.6 meters)
Max thickness of material up to 7.9in (200mm)
Printing speed, sqft/h Standard mode 334 sqft/h - 31m²/h
Production mode 237 sqft/h - 22m²/h
High quality mode 108 sqft/h - 10m²/h
Ink type UV LED NanoGraphic Inks®
Curing system UV-LED
Media types Any roll or rigid materials: paper, banners, glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, wood, aluminum, porcelain, water, etc...
Material feeding system Hybrid
Environmental equipment Relative air humidity 45 - 75%
Temperature 68 - 80.6 °F (20 - 27 °C)
Ink thermoregulation yes
Ink vacuum system at print heads yes
Type of UV-LED units 009 / 24 diodes / exposed surface 145 x 15mm / 2 units
Weight 1764 lbs (800 kg)
Dimensions Length 11.5 feet (3500 mm)
Width 2.3 feet (710 mm)
Height 3.6 feet (1090 mm)
Crate Dimensions Length 12.3 feet (3750 mm)
Width 3.6 feet (1100 mm)
Height 5.7 feet (1750 mm)
Electrical requirements 2-220V - 20 amps