Sackel Corporation® UV-LED wide-format printers used in conjunction with our exclusive NanoGraphic Inks® technology can print on virtually any type of media or substrate.

These amazing printers have the capability to print on materials up to 7.9” thick, and print colorful and vibrant images in dimensional 3D on any type of media.

Sackel Corporation® innovative printing equipment and exclusive NanoGraphic Inks® are currently being used in over 70 countries worldwide.

Used for all types of printing, these machines have proved useful for Creative Agencies, Professional Printers, Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Color Professionals, Artists & Fine Arts Printers, Commercial Signage producers, Interior Designers, Home improvement Designers, Hospitals & Government Agencies, Schools, POS Producers, Cabinet & Furniture Manufacturers, Tile manufacturers, Prop and Movie Set Designers, and much, much more!

Our R&D, and engineering team strives daily to stay ahead of the industry with the development of new innovative products. Here at Sackel Corporation®  we have been helping all types of businesses reach success for over 40 years.

When teaming up with Sackel Corporation® you can rest assured that we will continue our evolution of growth well into the future. Our journey together will result in exciting new solutions for both our customers and the printing industry as a whole.